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photo: © Joana Canal Amado
IHPE’s participant
It’s only needed to fill in this application form by the national coordinator
1. IHPE 2014
Rules for participation IHPE 2014
The IHPE at local level

Each country organises its own Experience completely independently within its own territory. At this level, each participating country can decide the age and number of participants, the monuments to be photographed or filmed, the prizes, publications, etc.

The IHPE at international level

In this second phase, the aim is to bring together the results from all the countries and proffer an international dimension together with that of individual work. For this reason, the following shared activities are organised:
a) An international diploma.
b) A diploma award ceremony, which is usually held at the headquarters of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, in the presence of the prize-winners.
c) Production of an on-line common catalogue presenting the prize-winning photographs or videos.
d) An exhibition, video installation or similar, showing at least the prize-winning photographs or videos from all the participating countries, which each country undertakes to organise.
As a novelty, in this edition the IHPE participants could submit both photographs and videos, if it’s considered it the rules of participation at local level.

Financing of the IHPE

Each country finances the cost of the IHPE within its own territory.

1. Entry form
To take part in the IHPE a formal inscription is necessary, completing the entry form that can be found on the website and sending it to the international coordinator. Closing date for entries: 30 May 2014

2. Material to be submitted
Each participating country must deliver the following material to the international coordinator no later than 28 June 2014:

• Introductory text for the catalogue
A short introductory text for the catalogue (30 limes maximum) in the language of the country concerned, as well as a translation into French and English.
State the full name of the author and the post held.
Include a photograph of the author of the text.

• Prize-winning images and author’s list
Images can be delivered in two ways: by uploading them to a website which the organisers will provide for entrants who request it or by sending two copies of the material on CD containing the prize-winning images.

A document must be attached providing information about the images and their authors (the international coordinator will send the document to be completed when the inscription is confirmed) which is to contain the following data:
- Title of photograph or video
- Full name of the author
- Author’s age
- Name of the monument in the photograph or video
- Place where the image was taken (city, country)

• Technical requirements for the images
The file size of the photographs should be approximately 3Mb with minimum dimensions of 2,200 x 1,600 pixels, in order for sufficient image quality to be attained.
Videos may not exceed 3 minutes of duration and is necessary to deliver them in one of the following formats: files .MPEG4 .3GPP .MOV .AVI .MPEFPS .WMV o .FLV

Material sent by post must be delivered to the following address:
Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural
Divisió d’Actuacions a Museus i Monuments
Departament de Cultura
Lurdes Ibarz Lozano
Portaferrissa, 1 (Palau Moja)
08002 Barcelona

3. Number of prize-winners
As there is no single international jury, a limitation is imposed on the number o prize-winners, which will on the one hand be proportional to the number of images obtained by each country, and which on the other will ensure a high standard of quality for the catalogue. Hence, the maximum number of images that each country can include in the catalogue is as follows:

Up to 2,000 images or 300 participants - 2 photographs in catalogue
Up to 5,000 images or 600 participants - 4 photographs in catalogue
Up to 7,000 images or 1,000 participants - 6 photographs in catalogue
Up to 10,000 images or 2,000 participants - 8 photographs in catalogue
Over 10,000 p images or more than 2,000 participants - 10 photographs in catalogue

The international coordination team reserves the right to limit the number of photographs to be included in the on-line catalogue if these criteria are not respected.
Only one photograph per prize-winner will be included.

4. Conditions applicable to participants
The IHPE was conceived as a way of promoting and rewarding the participants’ personal creativity, hence no photographs or videos can be accepted which are attributed to more than one photographer, or to a school group or class. The IHPE is intended for children and young persons, and is therefore restricted those under the age of 21.

5. Subject-matter of the images
The Experience promotes knowledge of Heritage, historic buildings and gardens, and natural or urban areas of recognised historic or artistic importance or of particular beauty, etc.
The IHPE is not simply a “photographic” experience but an experience related to the artistic and monumental heritage. Hence, subjects that are not in line with these criteria must be avoided, in spite of their possible photographic interest.
The coordinators reserve the right to exclude any images that fail to comply with this condition from the catalogue.

6. Copyright
The Government of Catalonia, the Council of Europe, the European Union and the organisers of the IHPE in the various participating countries, may use the images submitted in publications, exhibitions, websites or any communications media for cultural, publicity or educational purposes, as long as such use is not for financial gain. The images may be used citing the authorship. The sale of the catalogue is forbidden for this reason. Participants in the IHPE therefore cede copyright and image rights for the purposes described in this paragraph.

Entry in the IHPE implies that the signatory possesses the necessary authorisation to cede these rights on behalf of the creators of the prize-winning photographs and videos.
General information
Please do not hesitate to ask us if you require any further information or assistance, which we will provide to the best of our ability.

Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural
Divisió d’Actuacions a Museus i Monuments
Departament de Cultura
Tel. +34 93 554 73 34
Fax +34 93 316 28 24
Portaferrissa, 1 (Palau Moja)
08002 Barcelona

Lurdes Ibarz Lozano
IHPE Coordinator

For further information