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  • Exhibition "Catalonia is Fashion" 
    "Catalonia is Fashion" presents, from 14 April until 30 June 2014, a look at the leading names that dominate this scene, on the basis of pieces from the Antoni de Montpalau Collection, devoted to the collection, study and dissemination of textile heritage and fashion, a private initiative created in 2004 in Sabadell, one of the leading wool centres in the country.(04.15.2014)
  • Ten routes to discover Catalonia, on video at the Palau Robert
    The video Al cap de Creus pel GR 11 (Alt Empordà) [To Cape Creus on GR 11 (Alt Empordà)] is the first in a series of ten that will be made available in the “Routes” section at the Palau Robert. Under the general title of “Catalonia in Ten Proposals”, these are routes that the Palau Robert considers representative for discovering the landscape diversity of Catalonia.(02.12.2014)
  • The Palau Robert launches a new app for mobiles and tablets
    Users can now download the free new Palau Robert app for mobiles and tablets, which is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. Through this new channel, the centre will provide an ever-growing audience with information about activities and suggestions.(12.23.2013)
  • The Government of Catalonia publishes the digital book Històries del Palau Robert
    The Government of Catalonia has published the e-book "Històries del Palau Robert" (Stories of the Palau Robert), which describes the beginnings of a stately building and the vicissitudes in the life of its owner Robert Robert Surís, an aristocrat from the town of Torroella de Montgrí in Empordà. Reference is also made to the city of Barcelona in the midst of an industrial boom and marked by constant demographic growth. (12.20.2013)

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